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Austin Public Library

Jun 30, 2017

APL Radio Show Volumes Ep. 36 | 6/28/2017 Episode 36 of the Austin Public Library radio show, Volumes, features a conversation with Administrative Senior Jorge Harada discussing the diverse programs, services and events at the Ruiz Branch and the community that utilizes this Library. The Ruiz branch is located at 1600 Grove Boulevard in the Montopolis neighborhood in Southeast Austin. The branch features a large collection of Spanish and Chinese language materials, tutoring, workshops, film screenings and music events, and a connected Youth Center where teens can check out laptops and participate in youth programming and services. The episode also features a conversation with Federico Pacheco, the Library’s Media and Communications Volunteer and a valuable member of the Volumes production team, discussing a book he is currently reading; “The Innovators: How a group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks created the Digital Revolution” by Walter Issacson.